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Xavier and Annie:
Working to Make Our City More Equitable, Door By Door

The people of our community, like Xavier and Annie, have something to say. They are doing the hard, but exciting and important, work of making our community, and world, a better place for everyone. Maybe you haven't seen them listed as any of Reading's 'emerging leaders,' or see them at any ribbon cutting ceremonies or on the front page.

Maybe that's just as well. Because they're not emerging. They've already emerged. And they're busy doing the work of pounding the pavement, knocking on doors, and leading the tough conversations about race, gender and policy that many of us aren't brave enough to lean into - and actually follow up with action. 

We want to tell you more of their story. Because it's really good.
But we need your help to do that.

Behind the Scenes:

Issue No. 1 & 2

Special Delivery! Out delivering Issues to local community spots, like WCR Center for the Arts, pictured here.

You're never too old for glitter: the Craft Table at our Kickstart Party.

Professional Translator Carina has joined the team to help us reach our Spanish speaking neighbors.

Issue No 1

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