We believe that each of us has something important to say. We believe that

listening to someone else’s story is the most human thing we can do. We believe that telling our stories makes us whole.


We prioritize people and relationships while creating a great

product that contributes to our sustainability. We value people's time, contributions and heart. We work to be a contributor to, and reflection of, critical thinking and diverse cultures in urban life.


We're guided by the STAR Community Rating System, which identifies civic-engagement and built environment as two crucial categories of community sustainability.

A platform where anyone, irregardless of income, education or background, can submit thoughtful, critical & provocative writing that instigates change, thought or growth at the individual and community level.

A city where civic-engagement and participation in community change is the norm because the population is educated on, helped to, and rewarded for participation.

Here In My City

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Typewriter Image By Florian Klauer at Unsplash.