Happy To Be Nappy

David Nazario

Because I identify as Afro-Latino, does it mean that my hair has to represent something?

As most people who identify within the African Diaspora, I have had an interesting journey with my hair. I’ve worn it short and long, had a box, almost had braids, picked it out, matted it down, relaxed it once, stuck up for it, and let it grow freely in an attempt to show pride in my African-ness.


Jocelyn Young

Consider what it might be like to be evicted from your home or fired from your job because of who you love or how you choose to present your gender.

I Left the Jehovah's Witnesses

Jesse Otto

In 2015 I decided to leave my religion.  You may think this to be a fairly unremarkable life change and not worthy of an article...For me, this was by far the most significant event of my life, a true watershed moment.

A Journey

Brian Dudley

This is a story. The natural problem with any story is where to start. This story does not have any plucky hero to talk about, just my self and the walk through life.

Behind the Couch

Michael Schnitter

How I See Myself In Ed Terrell & The Importance of Community Memory

Dani Motze

Later on, I tried to figure out how it happens that someone like Ed goes so dramatically from community darling featured in the major local newspaper for his community work, to someone perhaps feared but tolerated, to someone on the fringes shouting in, criticizing new projects of which he’s no longer a part, perhaps feeling unable to do anything but to make noise on Facebook and –I think worst of all – feeling irrelevant, forgotten.

Here In My City

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