A Journey

Brian Dudley

This is a story. The natural problem with any story is where to start. This story does not have any plucky hero to talk about, just my self and the walk through life.

Not so long ago my life was not so filled with direction. It may still not be if I am honest. I was lucky at that time though. My step father kicked me out of the house and I spent a night on the street. The next morning, I was at my grandparents explaining what happened. My grandfather took me in. It was strange that I had grown up with this man in my life and, as I discovered, I knew so little about him. His story inspired me to become something more than I was currently.

Following in my grandfather’s footsteps I went to church, and I learned a few things there. Like him I joined the Army and I still say that it was the best thing I ever did.

My story doesn’t end there though. Life is just not that short. A few years after I was discharged I got divorce for the first time. Not long after that there was another marriage and another long rocky road.

And it leads through being homeless three times in the last three years. I am homeless even as I write this:

None of that is to make you feel for me though That is just the past for me. What is important in life is the people you can surround yourself with.

Life has its bumps and is never perfect. What I have been on is a walk, a journey, to find love, to find friends, and maybe discover a meaning to life. It is not always easy to push forward, but I never want to look back. Where will my journey lead me next?

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